At Ori Polymers, we are good at what we do. More At Ori Polymers, we are good at what we do. More

What do we offer?

Our main product is high-quality plastics – well-known and versatile materials. Our regular product range includes PS and PP, as well as PA, GPPS, ABS, PE, PMMA, POM, PC, and PC/ABS – all in the form of original material, recycled pellets, and regrind.

What makes us stand out?

What makes us stand out is first and foremost the top quality of the products we offer. Commitment, expertise, professionalism, the latest technologies, and continuous learning – thanks to the combination of all these features, we can take on any job while ensuring competitive prices and timeliness.

Ori Polymers Sp. z o.o. is a trustworthy company. Why trust us? There are many reasons. Here are the six most important ones.


There is a reason that we are considered to be one of the leaders in the plastics industry. Our products are of the highest quality.


We have been active on the plastics market since 1994. To date, we have established cooperation with a number of partners and taken up many challenges, all of which make up our rich experience.

Contacts database

We have a large database of contacts. We are working with proven suppliers and recyclers – both in Poland and abroad.


We know that time is money. We work quickly without compromising accuracy. We always keep our deadlines.

Competitive prices

Our many regular contracts allow us to offer competitive prices. We combine high quality with low prices.

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We listen to our customers. We are here for them, so we do our best to meet their requirements, even the most unusual ones.

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